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We are a management and consultancy firm established in the UK since 1992.

Located in London, we have a large and widespread team who can reach most areas of the U.K. reasonably quickly, if that is something that you require.

By hiring us you will get a team of established professionals who are at the top of their game in terms of business, finance, accountancy, sales, strategy and management, to name but a few areas!

We can provide support and training for all members of your team or point you in the direction of where to get help from. From customer services training for your call centre or front of house staff, to practical accountancy tips, there is something for everyone to learn from.

Our rates are amongst the most competitive on the market and we usually offer fixed priced deals, so there should be no nasty surprises or hidden charges for our services.

We specialise in developing and working with local authorities and other public organisations, so whether you require help in the logistics department or assistance with transferrable skills, we are the people to ask.

We pride ourselves on being an approachable and friendly organisation and usually will work with your organisation in a small team of maybe three to five people.

This will help ensure a friendly and personalised touch and mean that you do not feel like a bunch of strangers are coming in and taking over your organisation!

Firstly and foremost though, we are here to listen. If all you want to do is enquire about how our consultancy could help you – even if you really don’t think that you require any help, pick up the phone and we will be pleased to hear from you!

Alternatively, using the ‘contact us’ button on this page, please drop us a line and we can arrange for a team member to call you back, at a time that suits you.

We’re waiting for your call!